Natalia Lesson 24 – The piss smoothie

Natalia Lesson 24: “The Piss Smoothie !” Piss Whore Training Superstar Natalia is back for her Lesson 24 where I make her fill a blender with her hot golden piss then blend it all up and make her drink a piss smoothie ! The gorgeous and sexy Natalia is ready as always to follow my every command as I dominate and humiliate her beyond belief in each hardcore Piss Whore Training lesson, and here I begin by sticking my fingers down her throat until her beautiful eyes roll back in her head as she gasps and gags, drooling all over her face and my hand ! Natalia is so pretty I simply can’t resist slapping her across her face a few times as well to show her just how much I appreciate her beauty ! Then, Natalia needs to pee REALLY BAD, so I bring out a blender to have her crouch over top of it to unleash a torrent of hot golden piss into the blender ! Next, I blend up a healthy and delicious PISS SMOOTHIE concoction for my favorite Piss Whore and pour the entire contents of the blended piss smoothie right down sexy Natalia’s throat !

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