Sage Lesson 10 – Mutual Piss Shower

The amazing PISS WHORE SUPERSTAR Sage is back for her lesson 10 and it’s a killer piss-soaked adventure with special golden-shower-gushing guest Maurice ! In this hot and sexxxy lesson, Sage wants to show me how well she has learned to deep throat and immediately gets down on her knees and begins to suck off my lucky friend Maurice as she gags hard on his dick as its rammed down her sexxxy gorgeous throat ! Harder and harder Maurice deep throats Sage as he gets more and more turned on and decides to fill her mouth with a huge load of gushing golden piss ! Awesome ! Maurice let’s Sage really have it as he PLUNGES his cock deep inside her mouth and pisses RIGHT DOWN HER THROAT ! Next, Maurice decides he wants to taste Sage’s delicious piss so he lies on the floor, she squats over him, and he gets to drink and drink and drink as Sage lets loose a torrent of gushing golden piss right down into Maurice open waiting mouth ! This is an awesome PISS WHORE TRAINING lesson from two pissing super stars !

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